6 Metal Band Members Who Were Somehow Much Scarier Than Their Music

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As a fan of aggressive music, I’ve always been appalled by the portrayal of metal music in the media as something that’s only listened to by violent people. To me, appreciating this genre is more about loving the riffs, licks, and general roaring sounds of the music than it is about worshipping the Dark One.

But then I did some research and found out that there are some people out there who are into using metal as the background score for committing horrible atrocities against the human race. Here are a few metal band members who were somehow much scarier than their music.

Burzum’s church burning.

Church burning is a terrifyingly common thing in the extremely anti-religious world of Norwegian black metal, and no one is more notorious for burning churches than Varg Vikernes, who is known for his work in a one-man band called Burzum. Vikernes has been convicted for burning four churches, including Fantoft Stave Church, which was built in the 12th century and was considered architecturally significant.

Faust’s stabbing of a gay man.

A metal drummer named Faust — known for playing in the band Emperor — stabbed a gay man in a forest. In 1992, Faust was walking home from a pub when Magne Andreassen approached him and asked him to come into the woods. Faust, assuming that he wanted sex, agreed. He then stabbed the man 37 times.

The murder of Euronymous.

In 1993, our old friend Varg Vikernes went to the apartment of Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth and stabbed him 23 times. Vikernes claims that Aarseth was out to kill him, and that this was out of defense, but he served 15 years of his 21-year sentence. He was released in 2009.

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Satanist murders bassist Samong Traisattha for not being a true Satanist.

In 2014, Samong Traisattha, bassist of the Thai metal band Surrender of Divinity, invited a fan over for a drink. What he didn’t know was that the fan intended to murder Traisattha because the musician did not truly practice Satanism. Traisattha’s wife found her husband stabbed 30 times. The man responsible eventually admitted to his crimes on Facebook.

Gaahl tortures a party guest.

While waiting for the latest Gorgoroth album to come out, the band’s lead singer, Gaahl, was arrested for torturing a 40-year-old man for several hours at a party. While the man bled, Gaahl supposedly filled a cup with his blood and said, “I’m going to sacrifice you. I’m going to drink your blood.”

Nattramn’s assault of a 5-year-old.

Potentially the most mysterious character in black metal history, the lead singer of Silence — known as Nattramn — is said to have attacked a five-year-old girl with an axe. When police found him, he invited them to kill him. He was instead taken to a mental hospital from which he wrote and released an album in 2015.

When it comes to metal, it’s all chugs and scales until someone gets hurt. At the risk of sounding like a poser, I will say that the majority of metal bands that I listen to aren’t centered around the art of darkness, but instead try to convey emotion with their music. Still, I would urge metal listeners to do their research.

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