A Police Officer Found A Stray Dog Nursing. What He Did To Her Is Sickening.

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Stray animals like dogs and cats lead rough lives, not only because they’re living on the streets and fighting for survival every day, but they’re also at the mercy of cruel individuals who may cross their paths.

Back in 2015, a dog in Neuquén, Argentina, known by locals as Milagros, was approached by a police officer not long after she gave birth. You might assume he stopped to help her or give her some scraps of food, but what he really did was horrific.

Eyewitnesses in the area saw Maximiliano Sergio Mellado shooting Milagros and one of her puppies, which was only a few days old.

Milagros was still alive by the time she was taken to a veterinary hospital, but the wounded puppy didn’t make it.

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Veterinarian Frederico Lopez worked with his team for six hours to reconstruct her jaw. She’d also lost her left eye. But despite their efforts, she died a few days later.

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