Are You Keeping Your Christmas Tree Watered This Year? It Can Be A Life Saver

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Christmas trees are an essential part of the holiday season.

I prefer a fake tree because I travel for Christmas, but every year, my parents go out and chop down their very own pine and decorate it to the nines. If you have a real tree in your home, the Dublin Fire Brigade has a message for you to keep you safe. These firefighters want you to know that watering your tree is essential and can prevent or lessen the damage to your home if a fire breaks out.

In a video posted to their Facebook page, they show the difference between burning a dry, brittle tree and a well-hydrated tree.

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This is a great reminder that will keep a ton of people safe this Christmas. Remember to share this with your friends and family so they only have to worry about what’s under the tree this year!

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