Awesome Backpacks Turn Your Pets Into Tiny Little Astronauts When They Travel

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Traveling with pets is always pretty tricky. Keeping them calm and carrying them around from place to place in clunky cages or bags can put a major strain on even the most serene outings.

But this cool carrier is about to change all of that. It’ll make your little buddies look like tiny, fluffy astronauts while they take in all of the sights right by your side.

The sphere-shaped window allows your cutie to take in their surroundings.

They’ll finally get to enjoy all the landmarks right along with you!

And there are tons of designs to choose from.

Whether you prefer the space-age chic look, or would rather go for a more rustic option, you’ll both be traveling in style.

You can check out all of the amazing choices over on U-pet’s Amazon page. They’re not even that much more expensive than ordinary options that you can find at the pet store. I think the pink one is calling my cat’s name…

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