Bad News, Ladies — You’re Spending A Lot More On The Same Stuff That Men Buy

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If you’re a woman, you’re probably aware that multiple studies show you’re only paid about 79 percent of what men make.

But did you know that you’re also paying a lot more for the same things that men purchase? In fact, according to a 2015 study carried out by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, women’s products cost more than men’s about 42 percent of the time.

Here’s how what’s known as the “pink tax” is making you spend more of your hard-earned cash, ladies.

1. Women’s haircuts are much more expensive.

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In a 1996 survey of 200 New York City hair salons, 48.5 percent of them were found to charge women more for basic cuts.

Of course, women’s hair often takes more time to cut and style, but economist Catherine Liston-Heyes found that even when she called different hairdressers and asked for the same haircut as a man, she was given a higher quote.

2. Women’s clothes like shirts and jeans come with heftier price tags.

The same study found that women’s clothing was, on average, eight percent more expensive than men’s.

According to the study, women pay 15 percent more for shirts, 13 percent more for dress shirts, and 10 percent more for jeans. However, men actually pay 29 percent more for underwear.

3. Even clothing for baby girls costs more.

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It’s no secret that clothing for infants — regardless of gender — all looks the same in terms of cut.

That being said, the 2015 New York study also states that baby pants, onesies, sweaters, and shirts for girls all cost more than the same garments made for little boys.

4. Women pay almost twice as much as men to have their shirts dry-cleaned.

According to a 2011 study published in the Gender Issues journal, women’s shirts cost $3.95 to be cleaned, whereas men’s shirts only cost $2.06.

Shirts for women can often be more intricate than men’s, but the prices above were for very similar styles.

5. Toys made for little girls are about seven percent more expensive.

Barbie’s making you shell out the big bucks, folks. And that’s not all.

Bike helmets and pads cost 13 percent more if you are buying them your daughter rather than your son. Backpacks also have a higher price tag for girls, but the difference is only about 20 cents. Still, it might be worth it to seek out gender-neutral options. After all, there’s no real reason why someone’s kneepads need to be pink.

6. Women pay 13 percent more for personal hygiene products than men do.

We all use these items, but men pay significantly less for them.

Women’s shampoos and conditioners are almost 50 percent pricier. There is an 11 percent cost difference between men’s and women’s lotions, and deodorant is three percent more expensive for women.

7. Women even pay more for their mortgages.

Once again, the banks are out to get us.

According to a 2016 study from the Urban Institute, banks charge single women 0.6 percent higher interest rates than they charge single men.

8. Women don’t get the deals that men do when it comes to buying cars.

Car salesmen are notorious for their sneaky ways, but did you know that they pull even more fast ones on you if you’re a woman?

Car dealers often quote lower prices to potential buyers who are white men, with white women being offered prices that are, on average, $200 more for the same cars.

9. The price for senior healthcare products is about eight percent higher for elderly women than it is for men.

This is seriously scary.

Supports and braces cost 15 percent more for women while canes are 12 percent more expensive. The price for personal urinals is 21 percent higher for women as well.

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(via MarketWatch / The Alternative Daily)

Is anyone else a little angry after finding all of that out? Unfortunately, we may have to start buying men’s versions of everything if we want to save some money.

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