Camping Is One Thing, But What These People Are Doing? It’s Just Crazy.

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Camping in a forest or the mountains is one thing, but how about camping while suspended hundreds of feet above the ground in the Italian Alps? That’s what this group of thrill seekers does every year, for fun.

Since 2012, the International Highline Meeting has happened annually in the Italian Alps. The gathering is composed of extreme athletes who are expert high wire walkers. In fact they have to be, because high wire walking is the only way they can get to their meeting spot every year. 

Warning. If you’re afraid of heights, then these photos might make you a bit squeamish.  

Just a few of the high line thrill seekers taking a hammock break. One guy even brought a guitar.

Nothing like having to tight rope walk in order to hang out with your friends.

So risky, but so awesome.

Here are a few of the athletes creating new tight rope courses.

Taking it one step at a time walking between the mountains.

How many hours of sleep do you think they get sleeping in those hammocks?

Good thing she has a safety harness on. The scenery is breathtaking though.

Enjoying a quick cat nap.

When you lose your balance that far out on the line, you’ve got no choice but to pull yourself back up and start again.

These people are literally fearless. Just wow.

With such amazing heights, comes amazing views of the night sky.

Balancing at the top of the world. Literally.

(H/T: The Daily Mail)

Usually at this point in post I’d say something like “Wow! I really want to try that now.” For this though, yeah no thanks.  

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