Grab Your Backpack…And Your Teddy Bear. These Haunted Hikes Are Tense.

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Haunted houses, if built correctly, can be really scary. Flashing lights, frightening costumes and dark hallways can get almost anyone on edge. But nature? When nature is scary…it’s really scary. No one designed these paths to be terrifying, they just are. 

Which makes it even more horrifying.

1.) Enchanted Rock, Texas

1.) Enchanted Rock, Texas Wikimedia This place is haunted by the ghost of a Native American woman who threw herself off a cliff after watching a rival tribe slaughter her own.

2.) Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts

2.) Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts Wikimedia Cursed by the Wampanoag Tribe, this Massachusetts area forest became synonymous with ghosts, hauntings, strange sights, and UFO activity.

3.) South Mount Hawkins, California

3.) South Mount Hawkins, California Mt. Wilson Observatory This place has a hiking trail sketched into the ground through a pagan animal sacrifice, making the trail here the direct result of voodoo.

4.) Screaming Woods, U.K.

4.) Screaming Woods, U.K. Essex Ghost Hunters The Dering Woods, commonly known as the “Screaming Woods,” is the place where you’ll often hear the faint screams of human terror. Found in the small British village of Pluckley, Kent, the source of the screams is supposedly a dead highwayman executed by the villagers.

5.) Old House Woods, Virginia

5.) Old House Woods, Virginia Wikipedia With a history stretching back past the Revolutionary War, the ghosts of pirates, conquistadors, spirits, and demons are said to lurk in the forest.

6.) Hell Fire Club On Montpelier Hill, Ireland

6.) Hell Fire Club On Montpelier Hill, Ireland Wikimedia Built in 1725, the former lodge is famous for its long association with paganism and devil worship.

7.) Griffith Park, California

7.) Griffith Park, California Modern Hiker After being cursed by the former landowner, and supposedly containing the specter of Peg Entwistle near the sign, it’s no wonder LA residents think twice about approaching their city’s famous landmark.

8.) Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

8.) Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania Tree-Nation Known as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania,” this place has a disturbing amount of abductions and weird growing vegetation.

9.) Bhangarh Fort, India

9.) Bhangarh Fort, India Wikimedia The Indian government forbids any night time visitors due to a wizard’s 16th century curse. You can really feel the fear.

10.) Suicide Forest, Japan

10.) Suicide Forest, Japan Wikimedia Thousands of Japanese citizens ventured into this creepy forest to commit suicide. There are so many suicides that local police no longer report the numbers.

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Under no circumstances will I ever visit any of these places. I think I’ll save my hikes for the non-haunted places, thank you very much! Why would anyone want to visit a SUICIDE FOREST?

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