If The World Actually Ends In Your Lifetime, Here’s How To Survive Almost Every Scenario

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Next time you make a Costco run to stock up on warehouse-sized boxes of toilet paper and beef jerky, make sure you also prepare for the apocalypse. If the world “ends,” money will disappear and instead we’ll all live off a barter system of canned goods. (Or something.)

However, if you do your work now, and prepare the right way, you might not only survive, but thrive. Take some notes, because these 10 doomsday scenarios are totally survivable:

  • A.I. Revolution
  • Zombie Uprising
  • War
  • Plague
  • Economic Meltdown
  • Super Volcano
  • The End of Days
  • Asteroid Impact
  • Ecological Disaster
  • Alien Invasion

If you’re serious about survival, follow these guidelines.

Are you ready?

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/apocalypse/

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