If You’re Ever Lost In The Woods, You Definitely Shouldn’t Eat These Plants

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If you’re ever lost in the woods, finding food and water is critical. That’s why it’s so important to familiarize yourself with some of the most common flora and fauna. There are some plants out there that look like they’re edible, but they can actually kill you.

1. Nightshade

They might look like blueberries, but a handful of these things could easily end you.

2. Horse Nettle

These look like green tomatoes, but they can cause severe abdominal pain and respiratory issues.

3. Poison Ivy

I think we’re all familiar with this one, but it deserves a nod.

4. Buckeye

Both the husk and the nut inside are extremely poisonous.

5. Wild Cherries

These contain cyanide, so avoid snacking on them when you hit the trails.

6. Dogwood

Birds can eat these, but humans should avoid them.

7. Holly

This is another bird favorite, but let’s just save holly for christmas decorations, okay?

8. Pokeberries

These berries are incredibly toxic to humans. A handful could be deadly.

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9. Rhododendron

It’s also called a suicide bush, so there’s that.

10. Virginia Creeper

Often confused with poison ivy, this plant will do far more than make you itchy.

11. Wisteria

Just don’t eat wild legumes. They often contain a glycoside that could easily end your life.

There you have it. The only safe approach is to pack a compass, bring plenty of snacks, and hope that you don’t end up getting hopelessly lost in the forest.

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