I’m Officially Booking A Ticket To The Philippines. These Things Are Amazing.

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Going on vacation soon? We recommend checking out the Philippines. The country is full of a vibrant culture and unique experiences only found within its borders. Take a look at some of the unusual, wonderful and breathtaking things you’ll discover on a trip to this beautiful island.

1. Tarsiers: this unusual looking fella is one of the world’s smallest primates.

2. Jeepneys: the most popular and very colorful form of public transportation.

3. Or you can carpool with these guys.

4. ..or hitch a ride on this guy’s ode to Apple.

5. If you’re feeling more feline, you can hail this fluffy pink GrabTaxi.

6. Animals travel in style.

7. Signs can range from very specific…

8. …to being cloaked in secrecy.

9. Finally, a place for all those pesky husbands.

10. Looks like Harry Potter didn’t get quite all of those horcuxes.

11. You can play a round of Tumbang Preso and see if you can get the milkcan to fall over without losing your shoe its guardian.

12. Depending on when you’re there, prepare for looots of rain.

13. The locals don’t let the rain stop them from having a good time.

14. Rain on your wedding day isn’t ironic, just beautiful.

15. Pick up a nice ice cream snack…in the middle of the ocean.

16. And wash that down with some refreshing coconut juice.

17. Who needs snow when you have sand?

18. Slurp down a nice bag of soda.

19. The adventurous eater can try some balut: the delicacy of a fertilized egg embryo.

20. Another culinary specialty: dinuguan, a stew consisting of pork cooked in its own blood.

21. Picky eaters can stick to this silly-named candy.

22. Or a nice jar of yam jam.

23. The pie might be able to connect you to the internet.

24. Update your status as you grab some grub.

25. Top it all off with some taho, a sweet tofu snack.

26. All while taking in this gorgeous view.

27. Including amazing sunsets like this.

Sadly, there’s one thing you won’t find in the Philippines: surviving members of The Beatles haven’t set foot in the country following a traumatic tour attempt under the Marcos regime in the 1960s.

(via: BuzzFeed.) Filipino fans of the classic rockers continue to hope for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s return, but the odds of that are unfortunately not so great. Give your friends some culture by clicking the share button below!

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