Imagine Walking Through A Rain Forest In Mexico And Finding This. I Wouldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing.

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Deep within the rainforests of Mexico, seven hours outside of Mexico City, lies a magical hidden gem that very few have had the pleasure of stumbling across. It’s called Las Pozas and it is a sculpture garden, tucked away from prying eyes and at one with nature. It was created by a man named Edward James, an eccentric man who spent millions to create this magical wonderland that’s comprised of 20 acres of natural waterfalls and mountain springs.

Las Pozas dates back to 1947 when Edward James was living in Mexico, in semi-exile.

He was part of the Surrealist movement and even lovingly called this sculpture garden the “Surrealist Xanadu.”

By the time Edward James died in 1984, he constructed 36 sculptures in the garden.

Now, Fondo Xilitla owns the property, protecting it as one large work of art.

Finding Las Pozas may be easier than it once was, but when you arrive there it will still feel like a forgotten kingdom hidden among the trees.


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