Scientists Just Discovered A New Animal. It Looks Like A Teddy Bear, And I’m In Love.

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If you haven’t heard of an olinguito before, don’t worry, you aren’t a failure. They’re actually a brand new species that scientists just discovered. Not only that, but they are the cutest lil devil to ever grace the forests of South America.

In August, scientists discovered an animal known as the olinguito. It looks just like a teddy bear (AWW) and has been misidentified in zoos and museums for years.

Now, a baby olinguito has been found in the forest of Colombia. It’s even cuter than the grown-up version and it was impossible for scientists NOT to give it a quick cuddle before releasing it back into the wild.

What you see above is one of the first babies to ever be seen in person.

“These are clearly young olinguitos—they are so tiny that they almost fit in the gentle hands of our conservation experts. Note the bright, curious eyes, and nose custom-adapted for snooping out bits of fruit from the forest.”

Unfortunately, it looks like most of us will never be able to adopt one and call him Mr. Cuddlebutts.

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