The Latest Photos From Mars Reveal Something Very Surprising

February 14, 2018

A few weeks ago, NASA made a discovery that may point to life on Mars, but an even more recent photo taken by the Mars Opportunity Rover reveals something that looks like it could take life away. Keen observers looking at the Rover’s pictures as it traveled from Mt. Edgecumbe to Wdowiak Ridge discovered a strange object resembling a hand gun lying on the Red Planet’s surface. Is this just…


This Retired Air Force Officer Just Broke His Silence On Something So Eerie

May 19, 2017

We’ve all heard of Roswell, but what about Rendlesham Forest? After 36 years, retired Air Force Officer Steve Longero has finally broken his silence about what he saw in those woods on December 26, 1980. On the day after Christmas in 1980, Longero and several other men were paroling the east gate of RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, when they saw strange lights descend into the nearby Rendlesham Forest. Thinking…


This Insanely Creepy Ball Of Fire Was Spotted In The Sky Over Thailand

May 15, 2017

Located at the northeastern end of the Phi Pam Nam mountain range in Thailand, Phu Chi Fa is one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. People from around the world gather to this spot at dawn to catch the beautiful fog that surrounds the range. But last week, tourists were treated to an extra dose of mystery when a huge ball of fire rained down upon the forest. Luckily,…