13 Weapons That Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Banned From Use

November 14, 2017

War is a truly terrible thing, but at least we can all agree these 13 weapons shouldn’t be allowed to make it worse. Although battles themselves are nothing new, as technology advances, humans come up with new (and totally horrific) weapons that ultimately go on to cause people around the world so much pain. Some of them are later deemed too inhumane for use in battle, but it’s unfortunate that…


These 25 Things Are Totally Banned In Certain Countries. Mostly Absurd… But #9 Is Hilarious.

May 29, 2017

If you grew up in a progressive, free country then it might be strange to think that some other countries have banned items you may use every day. Most people reading this article probably have the freedom of choice, especially when it comes to every day, normal decisions. However, countries like China, Iran and Malaysia have banned their people from watching certain things on television and even wearing certain colors….