Your Jaw Will Be On The Floor When You See What This Explorer Found Underground

November 9, 2017

Eight miles of tunnels full of World War I history were just rediscovered by a battlefield explorer, and what he found inside is a haunting time capsule full of carvings created by American soldiers. Although there are accounts of this network of tunnels referred to as the “Yankee Quarry” and maps seemingly pointing to its location, it wasn’t until an amateur explorer named Marc Askat, 31, had a chance encounter…


This Artist’s Passion Project Evolved Into A Masterful Series Of Tiny Paintings

June 12, 2017

As creators continue to harness their abilities, the inclination to go bigger is part of what’s become a natural progression — and that makes sense in a world that equates larger-than-life works of art to larger-than-life talent. One artist by the name of Dina Brodksy, however, proves that creating small, painstakingly detailed pieces is certainly no small feat. Her collection of miniatures called Cycling Guide to Lilliput has garnered critical…


What This Photographer Did Will Give You A Brand New Perspective On Where You Live

May 2, 2017

With the term “wanderlust” becoming somewhat of a buzzword, we often forget that our hometowns can host some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. People in the rolling hills of Ireland long to see the Manhattan skyline, people in Manhattan travel thousands of miles to see the French Riviera, and locals in Marseille want nothing more than to dip their feet in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean….