Travel Photos Instantly Get Better When You Add Dinosaurs To The Mix

February 16, 2018

You know what’s the worst? Looking through people’s vacation photos. It’s totally great to document trips, but the resulting pictures are usually best left for our own consumption. Unless you also happen to have a few dinosaur toys on hand, that is. The photo collection that this Redditor just posted has officially changed the vacation game. By adding dinos to the mix, they turned pictures that no one would want…


These Biblical ‘Facts’ Are Actually Completely Untrue — Did You Know?

February 12, 2018

Fact: The Bible is best-selling book of all time. It’s also probably the most hotly debated book ever. It has changed the lives of so many people and continues to shape the world in ways that we can’t even fathom. Even if you’ve never read it cover to cover, you’ve probably skimmed the pages while in school or even in a hotel room. But how well do you know The…


16 Genius Smartphone Hacks That You Should Use While Traveling

February 3, 2018

Having your phone with you at all times is pretty important these days. They hold so much important information, your text messages, your emails, your music, basically your life would be completely different without these amazing pieces of technology. Whether we’re traveling to a new restaurant or a new country, our phones can be even more valuable than we think. If you want to get the most out of it,…


Wonder What It’s Like To Live In A Place With No Technology? She’s About To Show You

January 31, 2018

Technology dominates our lives. It’s a ubiquitous part of society, and a lot of people couldn’t imagine living without it. Our cell phones now have more capabilities than some of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery from 30 years ago. It’s quite impressive. But some people find that these technological advancements are limiting. We’ve begun to lose our ability to connect with people and appreciate the little things. Our attention…


Summer Is Almost Here, Here Are 20 Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

January 11, 2018

If you are a lover of the outdoors, you must be absolutely thrilled that summer is almost here. There is no better time of year to head into the wilderness! But, if you are looking to go camping on the cheap, you definitely want to learn how to make these incredible DIY accessories. They’re super helpful and they’ll save you a ton of time and money. So…what are you waiting…


This Coloring Book Was Designed By Someone Who Had His Eyes Closed The Entire Time

December 3, 2017

A new trend in books has taken the world by storm, and it’s not what you would expect. No, it’s not another series like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games — it’s something much more elementary. Welcome to the wonderful world of adult coloring books. And one take on the trend has opened quite a few eyes in New York City. Artist Ian Sklarsky just developed a coloring book in…


This Beach Used To Be A Forest What’s Left Today Is Haunting

November 5, 2017

In Oregon, there lies something rather haunting: a natural look into the ancient past and possibly the future. In Neskowin, a small coastal town, an old forest was once buried beneath hundreds of years’ worth of sand. After being unearthed in 1998 due to a storm that eroded much of the beach away, these ancient tree stumps have become a permanent fixture on the coast. The stumps of this ghost…


They Thought They Saw Birds Flying Out Of The Forest, But They Were So, So Wrong

November 2, 2017

There are times when you get to witness something spectacular in nature, and watching birds migrate is one of the finest sights of all. To see a whole flock of flying birds is something majestic that you can’t understand until you’ve experienced it for yourself. That’s what these people thought they were seeing, but as it turns out, they were dead wrong. What looked like hundreds of birds migrating actually…


10 Travel Secrets That You Should Know Before You Go On Your Next Adventure

October 20, 2017

Every year, thousands — if not millions — of Americans fly across the country and even around the world. Whether it is to visit family back home, go on vacation, or to attend business functions, people fly all the time. If you’re looking for some insider info on the tricks of the trade, we have you covered. After reading these secrets of airline travel, you’ll see things totally differently. 1….


Here Are The Strangest Laws From Every State In The Country

October 17, 2017

With the amount of laws that get thrown around on both state and federal levels every year, a few ridiculous ones are bound to slip through the cracks. And by a few, I mean an uncomfortably large amount. What’s crazier is that outdated laws from the past tend to hang around for decades. While law enforcement officers typically focus on laws that actually matter and affect the lives of civilians…