This Man Shot Himself In The Face. 17 Years Later, He’s Being Photographed For GQ.

November 30, 2017

Richard Norris isn’t the first person who’s undergone plastic surgery to model for a popular magazine, but he is the only one to grace the glossy pages after a full face transplant. Nearly two decades after a gun blast removed his nose to his chin, Norris posed for the camera of GQ photographer Dan Winters. The pictures were taken for the fascinating profile by Jeanne Marie Laska, which documents Norris’…


These People Saw A Deer Swimming In The Middle Of The Lake. So They Rescued It.

September 20, 2017

What’s that old saying about not interfering with wild animals? “You’ve got to let nature take it’s course.” Sometimes, though, it’s just not that easy. It’s human instinct to step in and make a difference when a creature is struggling. That’s exactly what this group of friends did when they saw a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in a deep lake. Reddit user IUsuallyDoWhatIWant describes what happened: “While searching for some deep fishing holes we saw in…


They Were Waiting For Their Flight When An Airline Presented Them With A Miracle

July 13, 2017

Airline travel has become quite the hassle. Getting everyone to the airport on time, going through the grueling security line, and making it to the gate before boarding can feel like a superhuman feat. But it gets especially ridiculous around the holidays, when wait times swell and delays seem inevitable. That’s why WestJet wanted to surprise a few unsuspecting passengers when they were waiting for their flight to board. Watch…


This Dying Child Planned His Own Quirky Funeral. But That’s Not Even The Unbelievable Part.

May 13, 2017

Deryn Blackwell, a 14 year-old boy, didn’t think he had long to live. He had leukemia and was fighting another rare cancer. Last December, he was told he only had days to live. Deryn began planning his own funeral, his coffin was to be driven in the same hearse that once carried Winston Churchill. Then, he wanted to be brought into the crematorium to the sound of Move Your Feet….


Doctors Told Them To Either Abort Or Watch Their Baby Die In Their Arms. Then THIS Happened.

May 10, 2017

Just minutes after Chanel Murrish was born, she broke a record and became a miracle. She was Britain’s youngest baby to have open heart surgery. Doctors told her parents, before she was born, that she wouldn’t make it. They were so positive that the baby would die that they suggested aborting her… twice. The couple refused to give up on the little girl. She even gave them a sign, letting them…