These Awesome Experiences are SO Expensive, Chances Are We’ll Never Have Them.

February 8, 2018

I once saw a man in the streets of New York carrying a pet pig in a suit made of American Express cards. It wasn’t weird at first, since it’s New York and I expect that sort of thing. On second glance, though, I recognized this man from a (now cancelled) television series. I realized that you can pretty much do whatever you want when you’re rich, and outrageous purchases are…


19 of the Most Expensive Things Ever. I Hope You Didn’t Want This Stuff.

June 2, 2017

Think of the most expensive thing you can. Gold? Diamonds? Heroin? Congratulations, you’re right! But those are only three of the most expensive items on the planet. There are more valuable substances in existence used for medicine, food, decoration, and recreation. These substances cost major bank and have spurred laws, crimes and tons of history. Let’s check them out.  19. White Truffles: $5/gram or $2,000/pound Wikimedia Commons White truffles are…