The Latest Photos From Mars Reveal Something Very Surprising

February 14, 2018

A few weeks ago, NASA made a discovery that may point to life on Mars, but an even more recent photo taken by the Mars Opportunity Rover reveals something that looks like it could take life away. Keen observers looking at the Rover’s pictures as it traveled from Mt. Edgecumbe to Wdowiak Ridge discovered a strange object resembling a hand gun lying on the Red Planet’s surface. Is this just…


These Expert-Level Travel Hacks Will Make Your Vacation An *Actual* Vacation

February 11, 2018

Tired of the winter blues? You look like you could use a vacation! But for some, traveling is such a pain. Well, YouTuber DaveHax has come up with some hacks that will make it way better, whether you’re heading out for a long getaway or a quick business trip. Even the most experienced traveler will be impressed! From packing efficiently to using your phone as a makeshift TV, check these…


6 Metal Band Members Who Were Somehow Much Scarier Than Their Music

January 22, 2018

As a fan of aggressive music, I’ve always been appalled by the portrayal of metal music in the media as something that’s only listened to by violent people. To me, appreciating this genre is more about loving the riffs, licks, and general roaring sounds of the music than it is about worshipping the Dark One. But then I did some research and found out that there are some people out…


6 Wrongful Convictions Which Prove That The Avery Case Wasn’t The First

January 16, 2018

In 1985, Steven Avery was arrested by the Manitowoc County police department in Wisconsin for the sexual assault of a woman named Penny Beernsten. It wasn’t until 2003, however, that Avery was released from prison after DNA evidence proved that the culprit was another man. Avery is, of course, tied to another case that was made popular by the Netflix series Making a Murderer, and whether or not you believe…


Eerie Photos From Inside A Once-Beloved Abandoned Amusement Park In New Jersey

December 11, 2017

If you’re asked to think of an enchanted forest, Transylvania might come to mind…that, or some other made-up, vaguely European location in stories of old. But Oak Ridge, New Jersey? Not really. But for nearly 50 years, the Fairy Tale Forest theme park captured the imaginations of children in rural New Jersey before finally closing in 2005. Since then, the park has been abandoned. Lucky for us, though, Redditor PennyLaane…


The Truth Behind The Legend Of Leprechauns Is Not What You Think

September 24, 2017

Leprechauns have always been the unofficial mascot of St. Patrick’s Day, but if you bring them up to actual Irish people, chances are that you’ll get laughed out of the pub. So we decided to do our best to trace everyone’s favorite tiny, red-bearded men back to their origins. We’ll pinpoint their journey from mythological creatures to breakfast cereal mascots. Here are all the facts we know about leprechauns. 1….


Cab Drivers In Japan Are Having A Big Problem With Ghostly Passengers

August 25, 2017

Imagine that you’re a taxi driver in Ishinomaki, Japan. You pick up a young passenger and ask for her destination. She tells you that she’s headed to the Minamiyama District, which is strange because no one ever goes to the Minamiyama District — not since the tsunami, anyway. You tell her this and she asks, “Have I died?” When you turn around, she is no longer there. Ghost passengers are…


You Say These Phrases Every Day, But Did You Know Their Bizarre Origins?

August 17, 2017

Do you ever catch yourself sounding like your dad when he used to say things like, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” or “He’s mad as a hatter!”? Don’t worry, these phrases have lasted for hundreds of years because they are so weirdly true to life…no matter the generation. But when…and more importantly, why did they come about? Here are the origins to some of the most famous idioms out there….


This Strange Object Might Be A Relic From An Ancient Civilization

June 29, 2017

A bizarre sphere has been found in the forest near Zavidovići, Bosnia, and some speculate that it’s an artifact that was left behind by an ancient civilization. Archaeologist Semir Osmanagić thinks that this strange find could be part of a series of several other spheres that were sadly destroyed by treasure hunters decades ago. If that’s true, then this one could be 1,500 years old. Here’s the ball in question….


While Working In The Woods, This Man Suddenly Realized That He Was Being Hunted

June 26, 2017

While the National Park Service assures us that bears have little interest in eating humans, the bear in this video is not your average beast. A man was working in a Canadian forest when he noticed a cinnamon black bear in the distance. He calmly walked to another area of the woods, but the bear eventually reappeared. That time, it was even closer As you watch the situation unfold, you…