13 Of The Most Screwed-Up Pieces Of Nazi Propaganda

February 3, 2018

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Propaganda is a political tool often used to draw interest to a particular idea or point of view. Thanks to Nazi propaganda during World War II, the term has since been left with a negative connotation. Propaganda was a tool used quite frequently by Adolf Hitler during his rise to power in Nazi Germany. In his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler states, “The art of propaganda consists…


13 Weapons That Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Banned From Use

November 14, 2017

War is a truly terrible thing, but at least we can all agree these 13 weapons shouldn’t be allowed to make it worse. Although battles themselves are nothing new, as technology advances, humans come up with new (and totally horrific) weapons that ultimately go on to cause people around the world so much pain. Some of them are later deemed too inhumane for use in battle, but it’s unfortunate that…


Your Jaw Will Be On The Floor When You See What This Explorer Found Underground

November 9, 2017

Eight miles of tunnels full of World War I history were just rediscovered by a battlefield explorer, and what he found inside is a haunting time capsule full of carvings created by American soldiers. Although there are accounts of this network of tunnels referred to as the “Yankee Quarry” and maps seemingly pointing to its location, it wasn’t until an amateur explorer named Marc Askat, 31, had a chance encounter…


If You Don’t Know Much About Mustard Gas, You’ll Be Horrified By Its Effects

September 24, 2017

Among the cruelest tactics of war is the use of chemicals to kill or incapacitate soldiers. Mustard gas, or sulfur mustard, is just one of these debilitating agents that is relatively easy to produce, and its blistering effects are incredibly painful. It was developed as early as 1822, but it wasn’t first used until World War I when the German Army deployed it in 1917 against British and Canadian soldiers…


18 Reasons Why Americans Should Fear Russia. They Mean Business.

May 14, 2017

The United States and Russia have been at odds with each other for a long, LONG time now and the relations just seem to be getting worse as the days go on. Whether you believe there will ultimately be a breaking point that escalates the tension to a level none of us want to experience, one thing is certain – you should probably avoid Russia. Here’s why.  1.) The police don’t…