Take A Step Back In Time With An Explorer As He Walks Around A Soviet-Era Bunker

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A man was recently walking through a factory in the industrial area of an unidentified city when he stumbled across something incredible.

After noticing a strange concrete block with a metal gate, he decided to open it up and explore what was inside for himself. “I opened it and a climb later I was in a dark, small tunnel, leading to an underground bomb shelter or safe house,” he said. That’s when he walked into what he believed to be a Soviet-era bunker, complete with working lights, gas masks, military equipment, and even survival instructions on the walls.

Watch as he travels back in time. What an amazing find!

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I wonder how long it’s been since anyone else stepped foot inside this hidden gem. Share if you wish you could see this cool piece of history in person!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/soviet-era-bunker-exploration/

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