The Latest Photos From Mars Reveal Something Very Surprising

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A few weeks ago, NASA made a discovery that may point to life on Mars, but an even more recent photo taken by the Mars Opportunity Rover reveals something that looks like it could take life away.

Keen observers looking at the Rover’s pictures as it traveled from Mt. Edgecumbe to Wdowiak Ridge discovered a strange object resembling a hand gun lying on the Red Planet’s surface. Is this just a bizarrely shaped rock, or are there weapons on Mars?

This photo was taken on September 7, 2014. Notice anything strange about the rocks?

People noticed what looks like an abandoned handgun lying in the sand. I guess it makes sense, considering that the planet is named after the Roman god of war.

Of course, we’ve been seeing weird crap on Mars ever since the Rover landed there. Remember when we all thought that this was an iguana?

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And you can’t forget this pyramid!

Long before the handgun, there was this Martian “cannon.”

(via Mysteirous Universe)

Would a gun even fire on Mars? The folks over at Mysterious Universe say that it’s possible! Guns don’t need external oxygen to shoot, and the lack of atmosphere would actually make the bullet travel much farther. That being said, cold temperatures often make gun powder less effective.

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