There’s Something About These Photos That’ll Take You Back in Time.

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By looking at photographs, we can experience what it was like to live in the past. It may not be time travel, but sometimes it can be pretty darn close. Even if they are only depictions or representations of the past, pictures can still provide some sense of what it was like to be there during many moments in history. Check out the ten pictures below that are sure to transport you back to a different time. 

1.) A map of the world from all the way back in 1689.

2.) Ship Envy: A model of explorer Zheng He’s ship totally dwarfing a model of Columbus’ ship.

3.) John Quincy Adams. This is the first photograph taken of a U.S. President. Pretty cool.

4.) An old photograph of Billy the Kid touched up to reveal a clearer picture of what the criminal legend looked like.

5.) A moving diary entry by Teddy Roosevelt marking the day both his mother and his wife passed away.

6.) A guide for identifying the helmets of different countries’ infantry during WWI.

7.) This photo taken on an landing craft on D-Day gives us a quick glimpse of a soldiers perspective while approaching the beaches at Normandy.

8.) Men in Charge: Soviet Leaders, 1945.

9.) Taken one day after his death, this is a photograph of Albert Einstein’s desk.

10.) A Moment of Laughter: Civil Rights figures Harry Belafonte and Martin Luther King Jr. share a laugh.


There’s nothing like a little time travel to get yourself going. 

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