These Pictures Prove You Never Want To Be Caught In A Wildfire. Ever.

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With the summer months back upon us, it’s officially wildfire season. Over the last several years we’ve seen an increase in the size, frequency, and severity of wildfires in the United States. So far this season has been no exception, as crews across the country work to keep fires away from homes and property. Take wildfire warnings from your local authorities seriously. You never want to be caught in a wildfire, just look at these pictures. They look like hell on earth. Literally.

1.) Destruction in Texas.

2.) The Yosemite “Rim Fire” burning out of control.

3.) Texas.

4.) Looks a little bit like Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings.

5.) Firefighters in Oregon in 2009 flee the encroaching flames.

6.) Smoke from the 2011 fire in Bastop, Texas.

7.) Faster, faster!

8.) In Montana’s Bitterroot National Forest.

9.) Hotshot crews battle a blaze in Montana.

10.) What’s left of a power line.

11.) Calling for help.

12.) The aftermath

13.) Fire can now also travel by train.

14.) Taking the fight to the air.

15.) Frightening.

16.) Idaho.

17.) A firefighter in Russia rappels into the Siberian forest.

18.) Glacier National Park in Montana after a wildfire in 2006.

19.) All that’s left is the foundation, chimney, and swimming pool.

20.) Remains of a wildfire in Montana.

21.) A firefighter in Montana tries to combat a wildfire. He’s using a Veri-pistol to create a fire up slope. The slope is meant to suck in smaller fires and keep firefighter lines intact.

22.) Desolation in California.

23.) This barn in Colorado sits in the path of a wildfire’s destruction.

24.) Fire crews in Norway.

25.) Looks like the sky is on fire.

26.) Charred SUV in the wake of a wildfire.

27.) Helicopter dropping water on a wildfire in Colorado.

28.)Riding shotgun through a wildfire.

29.) Two wildfires in Idaho seen from space

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