These Surreal and Contemplative Murals Loom Over Russian Cities.

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The Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod just got a bit fancier with the addition of a nine-story surreal mural by street artist Rustam Qbic. Entitled “Blossom,” it shows people reading books while their heads bloom into flowers. Despite the mural’s springtime imagery, Qbic spent eleven days braving snow and freezing temperatures to complete it.

Blossom, in Nizhny Novgorod

Blossom, in Nizhny Novgorod Rustam Qbic

Blossom detail

<i>Blossom</i> detail Rustam Qbic <i>Blossom</i> takes up nine stories on the side of this building. Rustam Qbic Blossom takes up nine stories on the side of this building.

This isn’t the first mural Qbic completed. In fact, his large-scale murals are found in various cities in Russia, adding soft colors and images of nature in urban areas. In addition to natural themes, his surreal images create a singular universe populated by serene boy-men and hybrid creatures that are part human (or animal) and part building. The murals also explore themes of homes and peoples’ relationships to the natural and the man-made world.

Oasis, Magnitogorsk, Russia

Oasis, Magnitogorsk, Russia Rustam Qbic

Meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia

Meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia Rustam Qbic

Aside from painting murals, Qbic also creates more traditionally-sized paintings. While they’re smaller in scale, they’re no less intricate or beautiful, and carry the same themes as his larger pieces.

Little Island

Little Island Rustam Qbic

The Return

The Return Rustam Qbic

Flying Mind

Flying Mind Rustam Qbic

Three Locks

Three Locks Rustam Qbic

Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Forest Rustam Qbic

Qbic is a prolific artist, so it’s best to keep up with him through his website, where you can also see snapshots of his in-progress work and making-of videos. I wish he would come to New York City and add a mural on the side of a few dull, lifeless buildings.

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