These Two Divers Got Up Close And Personal With These Amazing Sea Turtles.

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Photographer Montse Grillo frequently dives into the waters 15 minutes from her home on the Canary Islands. On a recent photoshoot off the coast of Tenerife, Grillo, joined by her friend Sara Garcia, was granted a closer look at one of her favorite subjects: the green sea turtle.

Grillo said they seemed curious about her lens which allowed her to get closer than ever before as they drifted up to her.

They look like they’re posing for the camera!

Grillo said she loves spending time with the turtles, “so I thought I would take a selfie.”

Though listed as endangered, the turtles still suffer from hunting for their meat and eggs.

Unlike other sea turtles, green turtles become total herbivores when they reach adulthood.

Younger green turtles, however, will eat invertebrates such as crabs, jellyfish and sponges

From feeding sights to nesting areas, these turtles travel lengthy migrations throughout their lives.

Once ready to nest, the females head to the nearby beach to lay their eggs. Often it’s the same beach their own mothers used.

(via Daily Mail.)

According to Grillo, the amazing photos are a result of “dedication, patience, perseverance and a passion for turtles.” There’s no denying the passion in these pictures.

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