They Call This Guy ‘The Storm Pilot’ And His Photos From The Cockpit Are Incredible

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I don’t travel very often, but when I do get the chance to take a flight somewhere, my favorite part of the experience is peeking out the window and seeing what the world looks like from up high.

Santiago Borja from Quito, Ecuador, is definitely no stranger to stunning sights in the sky, especially storms. Being a pilot for Ecuador Airlines, he gets to witness all kinds of beautiful cloud formations, and even lighting on occasion. He loves what he sees so much, in fact, that whenever he’s off duty or his copilot is in control of the plane, he takes amazing photos that have earned him the nickname, “The Storm Pilot.” Check out some of the gorgeous scenes he’s captured in the breathtaking pictures below.

Lighting never looked so beautiful.

“Descending into Guayaquil, Ecuador, with heavy storms all around the country.”

“Above a sea of clouds, down below it’s all rain and thunders.”

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