They Say There’s No Way It’s Aliens, So What Is It?

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Most people believe that UFO sightings are nothing but hoaxes. The odd thing is, though, that across decades, cultures and languages the stories are very similar. Most alien encounters occur at night. Most alien stories involve a mysterious source of light in the sky that its viewer cannot recognize. And most alien stories are understood to be a trick of the eye, but are never given a full explanation as to what they actually are.

Here are examples of scarcely publicized alien stories. I can’t say that these are real…but there is little evidence to prove that they aren’t.

1.) Belgian UFO Wave.

A series of UFO sightings occurred between November 1989 and April 1990 in Belgium. Over 13,600 people spotted the unknown “vessel” being chased by two Belgian Air Force F-16s. 2,600 of the witnesses filed written reports that were all eerily similar. They all said they say a ship triangular in shape with lights underneath.

2.) Edmonton Crop Circles.

A couple driving the backroads of Edmonton, Canada spotted two mysterious lights that made them have to pull over. It appeared that the lights were “playing tag with each other,” they said. A week later, a mysterious crop circle appeared at a nearby farm. While most crop circles have been revealed to be a hoax, this one was deemed almost too perfect to be made by humans. People claimed that the plants were changed at the molecular level, including expulsion cavities at the nodes, and germination abnormalities.

3.) Cash-Landrum Incident.

The December 29, 1980 sighting of UFO’s in Dayton, Texas, became the first and only sighting that led to civil court proceedings due to the health damage the viewers received. Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were driving down the road one night when a light appeared. After squinting, they realized the source of the light was a large, diamond-shaped vessel emitting fire. The fire was so hot that the three received serious burns from the heat and their car was damaged as well.

4.) Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Sometimes known as “Britain’s Roswell,” this incident occurred when two American officers serving on England’s Woodridge Air Force base. They saw some strange lights in the sky and followed it into the forest. They came to a clearing where some strange aircraft was found. As they got closer, the lights went out and it disappeared. Then, the light appeared again in a different location. Once again, as the officers approached it, the light disappeared. This pattern happened several times.

5.) Whytheville UFO.

Danny Gordon was a radio host who had just recently did a “ha ha” story about three deputies in Virginia who believe they saw a UFO. Although Danny didn’t believe the men, he decided to go to the area of contact to see if he can spot what they think they saw. As he was camping there with a friend he spotted a dome like craft with no wings. He took pictures of it, including the one seen above. A day past and Danny’s house was broken in to. It appeared to him as if someone was looking for those pictures.

6.) The Lonnie Zamora Incident.

In 1964 Officer Lonnie Zamora of Socorro, New Mexico followed a speeding car into the desert, only to find some sort of unidentified space vehicle along with its inhabitants. He saw a white crescent shaped vehicle and figures standing around it. Suddenly the figures disappeared and the vehicle lifted up from the ground, leaving a mysterious burn in the ground.

Hypothetically, if these spacecrafts were piloted by beings from another space realm, it’s hard to say why they would just randomly show up to some sparsely-tread town for a couple of seconds. However, there could be something we’re missing here. Whether these stories are true or not…they are still pretty creepy. The next time I’m on a drive in the dark, I’m just not looking up.

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