This Glass Treehouse Puts Your House To Shame. Just Don’t Throw Stones In It.

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Love the idea of living in a tree but hate the thought of having to sacrifice any luxury whatsoever? Then you’ll be very interested to see the work of A. Masow Design Studio. Specifically, their “Tree in the House” glass treehouse. It’ll make the one you had as a kid look like random pieces of wood someone nailed to a tree. Located in the mountains of Kazakhstan, the house is described by its designers as “something that can only develop your spiritual and creative development.” You can’t say that about a solid-gold mansion. Check it out!

1. “Tree in the House”

2. The glass tree house project

3. Dusk

4. Here’s your chance to look inside without seeming like a creep

5. Interior

6. Looks like it’s in a quiet neighborhood

(via: Daily Mail) Living there must be amazing. Well, besides the always having to wear pants thing. Share this post using the button below.

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