This Guy Turns Unwashed, Dirty Trucks Into Art. Stop Washing Your Car!

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This project is nothing but filth… and a guy’s finger… and an incredibly creative mind. “The Great Traveling Art Exhibition” by Ben Long is a continuous series where the artist uses nothing but his digits and grime to craft beautiful images on the rear door of freight trucks.

Sorry, people who use a dirty automobile to draw something vulgar, but your genius has been outdone. Long began this project to share his art with as many people as possible without having to rely on others to give him funding or space to work on or show his pieces. Thanks to his practical, but still imaginative approach, people all over the UK who likely wouldn’t have sought out his work could enjoy his work. Take a look at some of this dirty art work!

The artist at work.

Wow. Such amazing detail!

And he does it with only his fingers!

Even the rain doesn’t want to wash his art away.

Where’s the driver’s “Honk if you like the two awesome horses on the back of my truck!” bumper sticker?

A boy teaching his dog how to stay. I can only hope the truck does the same.

Now those are some dirty birds.

The driver of the blue truck must have been so jealous.

Caution: bend in the road and unexpected amazing artwork.

(via MyModernMet)

Great stuff! Keep on truckin’, Mr. Long. Being able to transform something most people hate into something they love. That takes true talent!

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