This Retired Air Force Officer Just Broke His Silence On Something So Eerie

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We’ve all heard of Roswell, but what about Rendlesham Forest? After 36 years, retired Air Force Officer Steve Longero has finally broken his silence about what he saw in those woods on December 26, 1980.

On the day after Christmas in 1980, Longero and several other men were paroling the east gate of RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, when they saw strange lights descend into the nearby Rendlesham Forest. Thinking it was downed aircraft, they rushed to the scene. What they found was beyond bizarre.

The men were near this gate when they first caught a glimpse of the odd lights. In Longero’s own words, “It was real kind of quiet and this thing was hovering over the trees…It seemed like something was watching us.”

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Longero and his fellow servicemen were told not to talk about the lights or the triangular-shaped aircraft that some of them watched land and take off from the forest floor. After years of silence, he wants the public to know that it was “something not from this world.”

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