wake up a warrior — Wake Up a Warrior

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Hang your certificate in a prominent place to remind yourself you are an action taker, not a procrastinator.

Why – Change – Action – Repetition method used in this course to reinforce the learnings.

I have been a member of Kevin’s program for about 5 months now, and the positive changes I have seen within myself are amazing. I no longer talk about doing new things, things which may make me slightly (or more!) uncomfortable, but I actually DO them, complete with vlogs to our group which keep me honest!It is that powerful element of accountability that pushes me to follow through, and as I have found through this group, that space just outside my comfort zone is where the accomplishment of real growth happens!

I joined Kevin’s program a couple of months ago, at a time when I had just launched a business. I needed a mental adjustment to make quick decisions and embrace the unknown. Joining this group couldn’t have come at a better time. I decided to tackle my fear of cold water as part of the challenge. After a build up to it, with cold showers, and being encouraged by those around me also doing the challenge, I finally had my first swim in cold waters in February. It was not only invigorating, it felt empowering. It left me tingling and wanting more. I am now working up to swimming in the sea year round. A big thank you to Kevin for his relentless positivity and encouragement.This has given me such a gift and has been a life changer.


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