You’ll Be Cringing When You See What This Flexible Lady Can Do

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I’ve always been amazed by what the human body can do.

It can be pushed surprisingly far when it comes to athletics, sports, and even survival if necessary — even watching your scrapes and cuts heal is pretty amazing when you think about it. But what especially impresses me is its ability to bend in seemingly impossible ways, as this talented lady recently demonstrated.

Allison Schieler from Queens, New York, discovered her exceptional flexibility when she was only three years old. After taking pole and aerial classes as well as studying dance and acrobatics, the 25-year-old knew that she wanted to be a professional contortionist and she made it a reality. You really have to see what she can do to believe it. She can even sit on her head!

There’s no way I’d ever be able to pull those moves off.

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Isn’t she incredibly talented? You can find more of Schieler’s body-bending on Instagram, and be sure to share this video so others can check out her crazy contortions, too!

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