You’ll Have No Idea What You’re Seeing In These 20 Photos. But Look A Little Closer…

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There are many animals that are natural masters of disguise, camouflaging themselves perfectly in the world. Look around you. There could be little critters all around you, you just can’t tell. Most animals are camouflaged to either protect themselves from predators or help them hunt. Either way, the name of the game is survival… And they are really good at this game.

1.) Horned owl

2.) Uroplatus geckos

3.) Willow ptarmigan

4.) Leaf toads

5.) Common baron caterpillar

6.) Seahorse

7.) Desert spider

8.) Adelpha serpa selerio caterpillar

9.) Stick insect

10.) Frog

11.) Owl

12.) Tropidoderus childrenii

13.) Leaf-tailed gecko

14.) Stone flounder

15.) Great potoo

16.) Snow leopard

17.) Cicada

18.) Owl

19.) Giraffe

20.) Hedgehog

Okay, maybe the hedgehog needs to do a little camouflaging homework, but he definitely still wins in the “cute” category. Via: demilked Could you find the animals in these pictures? Share with your friends and see if they can, too.

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