You’ll Never Believe The Insane Things People Tried To Take On An Airplane.

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After 9/11, air travel has been largely controlled by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). They are responsible for strengthening the security of the nation’s transportation systems. Most people know how to move through the TSA security checkpoints without problems. Bringing weapons, liquids and certain potentially dangerous items through security isn’t allowed. Obviously.

But then, you find those people who think it’s perfectly acceptable to put a gun in their checked baggage. The TSA posts some of the craziest things people have tried to bring on a plane on their Instagram account. When you see what these people tried to bring on an airplane, you’ll instantly get a headache.

1.) This iPhone has some suspicious apps…

2.) OH, I’m sure that’ll make it through security.

3.) Swords are cool on airplanes, right?

4.) This is ALL kinds of bad.

5.) A billion knives are better than one.

6.) This is what any illicit substance will look like.

7.) A cannonball and a pistol. What could go wrong?

8.) It might not be a grenade, but it’s still something you shouldn’t have.

9.) This inert projectile was found in some luggage.

10.) Is that a comb… or a deadly weapon?

11.) Batarangs, although cool, are still illegal.

12.) Firecrackers are explosives… and explosives are bad.

13.) Need to kill someone with an advanced ninja star?

14.) This is the key… to violence.

15.) This lipstick taser is a hidden power… pain.

16.) Knife pens are the best kind of pens.

17.) This may be fake, but the TSA takes it seriously.

18.) Bear mace? It sounds pretty serious… so why not!

(via Instagram / TSA)

You’d think at least those Batarangs would make it on the plane (after all, they’re meant to fight crime). It’s hard to believe these people thought they would get away with bringing these weird weapons on a plane. Share their weird carry-ons with others and click the button below!

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