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​Your Crown Chakra is your connection to your Divinity. Your connection to the eternal infinite Self. That part of you that never dies, that part of you that always Is. By activating the Crown Chakra to its optimum capacity, letting go of everything that’s blocking it from receiving the Divine Love that’s always available to you. Allowing you to open up and receive the Divine loving light unobstructed, freely.

​The third eye is the gateway to your eternal Self. Here we hold distorted views of reality. Imprints that we’ve created throughout our lifetimes. By seeing our fears we can release them and open up to see beyond the illusion, beyond the fears of duality.

​Your brain stem is the centre of your nervous system. By activating the brainstem we start to release negative perspectives and imprints that are blocking us from seeing through the illusion. To be able to see ourselves as the Divine beings that we are & to be able to see others as the Divine beings they are.

​Our Throat Chakra is our communication chakra, not just our communication to others but our communication with ourselves and our spiritual guides. Its the gateway through the realms. As we open up our Throat Chakra, we open uo to Divine guidance from our higher self and our heart. ​

​The Heart Chakra is the connection between the spiritual and the physical reality. Its the middle path, its the path of Oneness. Within the heart lies infinite wisdom, as we open our hearts and release everything that’s blocking the heart from infinite expansion. We find peace, love & infinite joy. ​

​The Solar Plexus Chakra is our power centre, its the furnace that gives energy to the rest of the Chakras. Its of the element of fire, its where our will resides.​ ​

​Our Sacral…

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