15 best simulation games for Android

This is the featured image for the simulation games for androidSimulation games are one of the most expansive and popular game genres the world over. It’s also one of the most popular on mobile because the controls work very well on touch screens. They’re easy to play, fun to engage with, and some of them can last for years. Simulation games are fairly easy to explain. It’s a game where things happen automatically and you just kind of push things along in certain directions with your decisions. The idea is to emulate a specific activity (often real life) as closely as possible. There are also a ton of mobile games that combine genres with simulation for varying experiences. If you want the best bang for your buck, here are the best simulation games for Android!

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The EscapistsThe EscapistsPrice: $6.49DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Fallout ShelterFallout ShelterPrice: Free with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYFallout Shelter dominated headlines back in 2015 when it came out. It’s lauded for its fun game play, classic Fallout quirkiness, and excellent freemium strategy. In this one, you build a fallout shelter and populate it with dwellers. The dwellers do various jobs to keep the vault going. They also interact with each other in a variety of interesting ways. You can even have them make some babies if you want to. The idea is to create the best vault ever, explore the wasteland, and create a thriving community of living people. Even now, it’s one of the best simulation games there is.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Farming Simulator 18Farming Simulator 18Price: $4.99 with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Game Dev TycoonGame Dev TycoonPrice: $4.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYGame Dev Tycoon

GodusGodusPrice: Free with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYGodus is one of the more active simulation games available. You are in charge of building a new civilization. Except you also play God. You can move landscapes around to fit your needs. You’ll also be responsible for the well-being of your inhabitants. However, you can also throw meteors and cause natural disasters if you want to. It’s almost like a light version of the popular PC series Black and White. It is a freemium title, though, and has many of the same pitfalls as other freemium simulation games.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

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Harvest Moon: Light of HopeHarvest Moon: Light of HopePrice: $14.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYHarvest Moon: Light of Hope

Infinite Flight SimulatorInfinite Flight SimulatorPrice: $4.99 with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYInfinite Flight Simulator is another excellent flight sim. It features 35 total aircraft (18 available as in-app purchases) along with 14 regions to fly through. You can customize your conditions by changing the time of day and the weather. You can also have online multiplayer as a paid add-on. There is also a logbook, achievements, and more. It’s a fairly extensive and good looking flight sim. However, it’s also one of the more expensive simulation games. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3Motorsport Manager Mobile 3Price: $3.99 with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Plague IncPlague IncPrice: Free / Up to $14.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYPlague Inc has been around for a long time but remains one of the best and most in-depth simulation games available. In this one, you’ll be in charge of creating a disease and then orchestrating its spread in order to wipe out humanity. You’ll have access to 12 disease types, an AI that makes it challenging to infect everyone, and you’ll have 50 countries to infect. It also comes with leaderboards, achievements, and the developers have added some expansions over the years. Most of the in-app purchases just unlock more content to play with.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Pocket CityPocket CityPrice: Free / $3.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

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SimCity BuildItSimCity BuildItPrice: Free with in-app purchasesDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYSimCity BuidIt is about the best SimCity experience you can get without an emulator. It plays like the old games. You’ll build a city, deal with acts of God, and solve problems like brown outs and fires. The game includes decent graphics, a social element with a gift system, and various rewards. The developers also hold contests and events to help keep things interesting. The freemium strategy on this one is a bit heavier than most. Thus, those who really don’t like microtransactions should probably skip this one and try something like Pocket City instead.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

The Sims MobileThe Sims MobilePrice: FreemiumDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Soccer Manager 2019Soccer Manager 2019Price: FreemiumDOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Star TradersStar TradersPrice: Free / $2.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYStar Traders is technically a strategy game. However, we included it here for the same reason we included Godus. You are essentially simulating the career of a space inhabitant. You’ll explore new planets and new sectors while you form alliances with various factions or go at it as an independent contractor. The game is very deep and allows you to play in a variety of ways. You can be a pirate, a military combatant, or even just trade stuff if you want to. It’s wide open and a really fun world to be a part of. The game has a free version and a paid version. Neither of them have in-app purchases or advertising.DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Zombie Combat SimulatorZombie Combat SimulatorPrice: Free / Up to $2.99DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYZombie Combat Simulator

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