6 Tips For Slashing Your Grocery Budget in Half

As a mom of three, when school runs, soccer practice, and play dates don’t present enough of a challenge, I like to find other things to keep myself entertained. Last month, I thought it would be fun to slash my grocery budget clean in half for an entire month . . . just to see if I could do it. That does sound like loads of fun, right? Right?

Our grocery budget for our family of five is $1,000 a month (my twins don’t really count because they don’t eat real food yet). That means that we spend $1,000 a month feeding two adults and a growing kid, which is kind of crazy given that we eat most of our meals at home. We get paid once a month and rely on cash, so when payday finally rolled around, I divided our grocery budget into two envelopes; $500 to use for the month, and the other $500 as a backup because this was an experiment and I needed to make sure I had the money there in case it was a total failure. It wasn’t, and I picked up a few good habits. Here are six easy ways you can cut back on your grocery bills.


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