The real story of the Aladdin?

Few know it's a real story in ancient Babylon.

Aladdin was just a kid, a hood rat.

Take into mind the story you know…

A Magic Carpet…

The magic carpet.

Aladdin stood upon it.

And was stoned to death.

That's all I know.

Many stories follow…

Being stoned to death.

Was I King David?

The nature of my infancy as David was being told Goliath's forces, the "Palestinians"

I mean.. The Nobility, from Europe was there. The Nobility was commuting from Europe. They were part of the Greek/Roman/ European and Scandinavian Nobilities.

I would have negotiating with Goliaths Army…

Goliath seems to have been a Son of Hiemdall.

I would not have slaine him willingly.

We would have been comrades.

The Nobility was from Europe. They were on voyage from the cold North. The nobility moved from North to South depending on the season…

The Deluge managed the same travel. The Deluvian era was a cataclysm causing the sea levels to rise, and ice age to persist. I have no facts.

The Nobility traveled the seasons.

I would not have killed Goliath.

We would have been Comrades.

Heimdall's Son.

Ghost: He Is;

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