Amazing 1/4 Acre Small Scale Temperate Climate Permaculture Food Forest

John from shares with you an amazing temperate climate permaculture food forest near Salt Lake City Utah that comes back to life every spring season!

In this episode, you will learn how to plan and plant out a permaculture food forest in your front yard so that it comes back every year without you having to do that much work.

You will learn about some of the design elements in this permaculture food forest, as well as many of the commonly used plants.

You will discover some of the fruit trees, and berry shrubs that are planted in this design as well as many different herbs, flowers, and other useful plants.

You will get a full POV walking tour of this food forest to see how plants are planted for shade and then cut down when they are no longer needed.

You will learn some of the important design elements when planning a food forest in a temperate climate.

You will discover how you can get hands-on experience and create your own permaculture food forest.

You will learn how tomatoes can be grown under shade and still produce fruit.

You will discover how fertility can be created on site without composting and with minimal inputs.

and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
04:17 Support me and Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
04:57 What the house use to look like
06:05 Front of House
09:59 POV Handcam Tour of Property
32:58 What’s Missing in this Permaculture design
35:20 Do tomatoes grown under shade produce?
37:46 Wild Garden Design
38:25 Is a Big Pile of wood chips good or bad?
41:10 Trees are Disposable
43:04 Hugelculture Bed
44:40 Creating Fertility on the property without fertilizer and compost
48:42 Plant more than just edible crops
50:16 Learn by experiencing and experimenting
53:08 Wild is Beautiful to Nature
55:14 Red Daylilies – Your Garden is Your Own but Nature will win
57:47 Plants are our servants
1:00:53 A Successful Permaculture Food Forest Starts with a good plan
1:03:09 Learn Permaculture Design in Salt Lake City

After watching this episode, you will learn more about setting up a permaculture food forest in your front yard in a temperate climate zone that snows in the winter time. You will also discover a whole host of edible plants that will come back year-after-year.

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