Aparment at fault for fire and or is paying for my stuff?

Tldr; apartment caught fire not my fault, manager is paying for my stuff, how do I itemize videogames,board games, furniture, electronics medicine, food. Even a reddit page linking to how to itimize would work. As long as its detailed on retro video games.

I had an apartment fire, no renters insurance needed or had, my apartments are being absolutely amazing about everything. The fire was contained in a wall but when the firemen got to the wall with axes everything filled with smoked, everything is has smoke exposure. They told me to itimize everything even my tooth brush which wasnt even near the fire or smoke. I dont want to be frivolous but I itimized my books at retail and cost to replace with pictures of the books and details of the authors in a excell spreadsheet. I'm on to my next catagory which is :video games( separate from electronics) like 360 games n64 games atri games, some are in cases some are cartridges. Should I itimize them? How should I itimize them especially the ones in the cases the discs are unaffected but the case and artwork page displaying the game is affected which effects the value with authenticity. Then onto the my huge collection of cards against humanity. Over 15 box collections put into one specific box "the bigger,black box" miscellaneous board games. Sentimentals? Medications? Food? Kitchen stuff?

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