Best Wedding Gifts for Friends- Here Are Some Options to Choose From

Best Wedding Gifts for Friends- Here Are Some Options to Choose From

Whether it’s a distant relative or a colleague getting married or a super close friend, you must go with a gift. However, what you decide to give the couple (or just the person you know) depends largely on how well acquainted you are with them and of course, your own budget too!

In some cases, you know the bride or groom (or both) too well to worry about thinking what to buy, because you know they’ll tell you what it is that they want from you. In several other cases, you might find yourself trying hard to figure out what would be the best way to go about it.

Gone are the days when people showed up with nothing but a bouquet. (This is not to undermine the sentiments behind the bouquet you took to the last wedding).

Here’s a list of ideas that you can choose from for the next big wedding ceremony on your mind:

1. Cash

This is perhaps the easiest of options to take. If you’ve already thought long and hard, and you simply can’t figure out what the couple might want or be in need of, then give them your token of love in a beautiful envelope and a hand-written note to add your personal touch.

They can use the money to buy something they might already be looking for or they may save it for the future.

2. Dinner for two

Booking dinner for two is the best option

If you’re really close to the couple getting married, but you’re also slightly low on budget, you can plan a nice dinner date for them. Now, you may think they’ll get plenty of chances to go out on dinners together, but honestly, there’s nothing like a romantic night out with your significant other (especially in the first few days after marriage).

So, make reservations at a fancy restaurant and pay for the dinner in advance.

Be sure to check up on the arrangements (personally, if possible). If you know their choices, you can even place the order for the food to be served.

3. A personalized frame

A gift, no matter what it is, is always special. You can make your gift even more unique by adding a personal touch to it. This will not only make your gift stand out but will also go to show that you put in thought and effort.

A personalized frame can hold a picture of you with the couple, or just the couple. To add an extra bit of oomph to it, you can get a quotation (or your well-wishes) printed on it too.

Once the couple decides to put it up, they will regularly be reminded of you and your love for them.

4. Personalized crystal wine glass set

The glasses can be decorated in a variety of ways

A pair of crystal glasses with the names of the bride and groom on one glass each is another unique gift to give.

The glasses can be decorated in a variety of ways and will be a beautiful reminder to the couple of their special day.

5. Watches

Again, depending on how closely you know the bride and groom, and if you’re also feeling generous, you can give the pair a set of Him and Her watches.

This gift is classy and will stay with the couple for a long time.

Whatever you eventually decide to give as a gift, make sure you put in some thought. Gifts that showcase creativity are generally more cherished by the bride and groom.

A hand-written note to go with the gift will also make a great impact. For many people, hand-written sentiments are of greater value than any other tangible item.

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