Cheers and Jeers: Happy Family Dysfunction Awareness Day!


Pre-Turkey Food for Thought 

Sarah Silverman gives thanks for…Cadet Bone Spurs??? Well, yeah, kinda: “Donald Trump is a butterfly fart, and here are some good things he has unintentionally triggered…”  (Note: Not entirely safe for viewing at the holiday dinner table.)


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A hundred and fifty seven years ago our country was attacked from within, and we fought like hell to rout the traitorous forebears of Jeff Sessions and his white supremacist vipers. Crushed’em like a Thanksgiving yam under a steamroller, we did. It’s trickier this time, though, since the confederate hangers-on are now running the federal government.

But two weeks ago our modern-day version of The Union booted the rebs from the raucous lower chamber of Congress, and now House Democrats—more diverse and scrappier than ever—are armed to the teeth with popular legislative policies and tons of cool investigative tools, itchin’ to knock modern-day traitors Trump and McConnell down a few pegs. Also: Mueller’s report is set to drop any day. And the grassroots resistance, which just delivered a Gettysburg-like blow—a “Union-blue wave,” if you will—to the racist and democracy-hating Republican party, is rarin’ to double down on the hurt in 2020.

I never thought that something like that—a new hope for an eventual return to normalcy after one of our major political parties lost all sense of responsibility, let alone shame—would top my list of things for which I’m thankful on this day. But there it is. I’m with Sarah.

The rest of my annual list, a Molly Ivins bon mot, some stern Thanksgiving house rules from Margaret and Helen, and a few more goodies below the fold. Then let’s eat. Right after a few rounds of Twister.

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