Chick-en Nuggets Recipe

  Expert tip for getting your kids to eat beans: Turn beans into something familiar, like chicken nuggets.

Did you happen to see the Jamie Oliver episode where he put a nasty chicken carcass into a blender and shaped it into chicken nuggets?  The kids, knowing what was in it, still ate it!  They ate it because it looked like chicken nuggets!  Our falafel had the same idea, except with CHICK-peas, instead of a chicken carcass.  Get it??  My kids didn’t know what was in it, but they loved these! I started with a basic falafel recipe, and made a few modifications.  Chick-en Nuggets Recipe. #1 tip for getting kids to eat more beans- make this recipe!

Falafel is basically mashed up chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), formed into patties and deep fried or baked.   While it’s typically eaten out of a pita or bread, it’s also delicious alone or with a dip.  Chickpeas are a fabulous food to include in your family’s diet.

Chickpeas (AKA garbanzo beans)  are a great source of maganese.
Chickpeas are full of protein
Chickpeas and other beans are rich in fiber- essential for digestion.
Chickpeas contain folate, essential for young kids and pregnant mothers.
Chickpeas are a natural source of iron.

You can shape these into chicken nuggets shapes and either bake or fry.  I “grilled” in a cast iron pan with a small amount of olive oil.  Then I made that Origami Fry bag. WE LOVED THESE!!  Just so you know!

Still need Ideas to get your kids to eat their beans? Our other popular chickpea recipes are:

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