College dropout hoping to start career

I would really appreciate some help here. As the title suggests I am a college dropout with every intention of returning to school. I am also currently working on some online certifications to make my meager resume stand out some.

I started working in 2010 during my senior year of high school and have typically held a sales position. My first two jobs were short stints of about six months due to relocating across the United States. In 2011 I have found my current home and have held more long-standing positions since then.

I decided to travel the world one summer in 2016 and upon my return thought it wise to dropout of school (actually very unwise) and move out of my parents' home. I have made some financial mistakes and because of those I should maintain a full-time job to handle those responsibilities. Between that and my current positions' hectic schedule returning to college is not in my immediate future.

I currently sell cars for an extremely reputable dealership in my area and do well for myself. I took this position as I believed it would help kickstart my career into a field I am passionate about. I want to get into SaaS as I was going to school for Business Administration and Computer Science. Initially I thought I would be able to jump right into an Account Executive position, but the more research I do the more I realize it would be beneficial for me to start as a Business or Sales Development Representative.

Now that you have a snippet of my situation I do have two questions. . .

Should I include jobs which I only held for a short period of time? My concern is that I would look 'flighty' and my resume would be too long.

I dropped out of school and intend to go back, but am not currently enrolled. Do I omit the 'Education' portion of my resume? If not, how should I address this?

Again, I sincerely appreciate any feedback I get. I know I have a lot of work to do and by lurking this subreddit for some time I feel confident that with your help I can achieve my goal.

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