Don’t Do These 19 Things at Home During Severe Weather

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other kinds of severe weather may seem beautiful and mesmerizing, but you should never forget that they can also be an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Surely, you shouldn’t hole up every time you hear thunder, but it only makes sense to go inside when the storm starts brewing.

Did you know, for example, that the electrical currents created by lightning can travel through the water pipes in your house? Or that touching an electrified faucet can lead to very dramatic consequences? And if you’re one of those people who believe that opening windows during a storm equalizes the pressure and prevents them from shattering, it might be time to revise your beliefs. So, yes, even indoors, there are things you must never do during severe weather if you want to stay safe. Here they are!

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Taking a shower 0:31
Using a landline 0:49
Leaving a plastic water container on a concrete floor 1:15
Ignoring the state of your hair 1:45
Lightening candles 2:15
Doing the dishes 2:40
Evacuating during a tornado 2:56
Running generators indoors 3:13
Leaving your pets outside 3:45
Standing near a window 4:09
Opening a window 4:42
Keeping your laptop plugged 5:02
Overusing your fridge 5:36
Boarding up your windows 5:59
Turning your TV and radio off at once 6:23
Using a charcoal grill indoors 6:49
Touching concrete structures 7:19
Doing anything that can lead to injuries 7:34
Getting locked in 7:56

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– If you manage to, avoid talking on this type of phone during a lightning storm. It can easily get inside your house, not only through your water and plumbing systems but also through the wiring.
– If you keep your water supply in plastic containers in a place with a concrete floor, store them either on a wooden pallet or on a piece of cardboard.
– When the positive charge of your body interacts with the negative charge of the storm, it makes your hair stand up.
– The problem with candles is that they can also start a fire. But during a bad storm, there might not be phone service, and as a result, you won’t be able to get through to the fire department
– As soon as you hear a tornado warning, immediately hide, either in the innermost room of your house or in the basement.
– A generator engine, just like any other combustion engine, emits carbon monoxide, a harmful gas that can cause a splitting headache and make you pass out.
– Contrary to popular belief, by standing at the window during a severe storm, you put yourself at risk of getting hurt by shattered glass.
– If you need to do some urgent work on your laptop, and a storm is raging outside, make sure that your computer isn’t plugged into the wall.
– Do NOT turn your TV or radio off immediately, and listen to the weather updates. Remember that paying attention may save your life.
– If you don’t want the lightning to get to you, avoid standing next to concrete structures or leaning on them.
– When a storm is raging outside, try not to get engaged in any risky activities.
– You probably know that garage door openers tend to lock up as soon as the power is off. Luckily, there’s a special cord which releases the door from the opener in case of an emergency.

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