Finally hit my first goal weight after a 14 month long journey. ( Progress pics at the bottom)

25/M/6'7"/SW:435 CW:275 GW:245 lbs

Some backstory, I'm somewhat of a genetic anamoly. I've been beefy all of my life, and stronger than most of my peers. I stopped growing when i was 12 at a height of 6'7" (200.6cm) where i ballooned to 360lbs (163.6Kg). I stayed that weight throughout middle school, until I decided I had enough, during the summer before i would start Highschool. I ended up c utting 65 lbs off my frame and was quite happy with myself.

Freshman-Sophomore year i fluctuated between 295-315lbs (143Kg) depending on whether or not Football was in season. My Junior-Senior years (2012) i had steadily gotten heavier and heavier up until i was back at my 360lb point . Fast forward to January 1st, 2018, I stepped on the scale and had reached an astonishing 435lbs (197Kg).

This was the breaking point, i knew it was bad i just didn't know how bad. I couldn't sleep for months prior, i would be up all night paranoid, listening to my heart. I was getting infections left and right. Doctors were worried i was going to end up Diabetic. So i decided enough was enough, and I started Keto.

I made a TON of progress rather quickly, and I found that this way of eating was rather easy for me to stick to. Eventually, I became addicted to the progress i would see in the mirror. Almost every gram of food since that day has been weighed and tracked and i've stayed <15 Net Carbs and 2000 calories. I originally set a goal of 275lbs (125Kg), and here i stand 160lbs lighter and at my original goal weight. Now, however, I'm gonna keep going until i look like a Greek statue. However long that it may end up taking.

First two pictures were taken sometime toward the end of 2017, the others were taken today. Please excuse the dirty ass mirror.

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