Forget a second referendum. Labour has to back revoking article 50 | Zoe Williams

The anti-no-deal politicians meeting today need to find a way to work together – and Labour will have to compromise

You can tell there’s a general election coming, because that’s the subtext to everything else that happens. Boris Johnson uses the G7 summit to grandstand to the domestic tabloids. Meanwhile the fractious coalition of anti-no-deal forces meets today to try and form a coherent plan to stop Britain crashing out of the EU – and to force an election.

If the object was to fight no deal through parliamentary process, the only people you would need in the room would be Dominic Grieve and Keir Starmer, with maybe somebody taking notes for John Bercow. But today’s get-together, convened last week by Jeremy Corbyn, is as much about a general election, which few people now doubt will happen sooner rather than later. Given that, it would have been better to enter the room in the spirit of anticipated unity, rather than publicly set out your red lines beforehand, as Jo Swinson has done. She reportedly wrote a letter to Corbyn yesterday, arguing that his insistence on leading a temporary government of national unity would be likely to scupper a vote of no confidence in the government.

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