F&RP 01 – My Harmonious Marriage

My Friendship & Romance workbook. This is the first step towards changing your relationship for the better. It’s a straight forward and easy to use tool for:

Some of us learn better by reading, so I’ve also included a copy of my Friendship & Romance Program Ebook.

The PMS Survival Skills for MEN Audiobook. Does your husband or partner have his heart in the right place but “no idea” as to what’s going on for you?

I’m so confident that you’ll love the Friendship & Romance Program I’m offering you full no questions asked 60 Day Money Back guarantee

The total cost of the Friendship & Romance Program books & CD’s is well over $125.00 plus postage. However if you click on the Add To Cart button below right now you can download all of this AND get my email support…

You start by listening to my Audiobook which is reinforced by the eBook. Both of these resources are full of practical tips, strategies and ways that you can immediately use to gain insight about yourself, the dynamic of your relationship and to identify the reoccurring problems that you may be experiencing. With this new perspective on your relationship, you then utilise the Workbook which has been laid out in a very easy to use format where you literally take two minutes each day to tick some boxes about how you feel about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Then, If you want to dig further down into what’s really going on in your relationship you have the option where once a week you can consolidate your daily notes by taking a few minutes to tabulate them onto a pre formatted weekly table. Once a month follow this up with a similar process by utilizing your weekly notes on another…

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