He May Be Bulky, But This Guy Can Perform Amazing Acrobatic Feats

If you go to the gym and you want to get extremely muscular, you know that sacrifices must be made. First, you need to hit the gym extremely hard. Beyond that, you need to eat a certain way in order to make those muscles pop. What people fail to consider, however, is that increasing flexibility is crucial when you want to get jacked.

Jon Call is a man who is trying to increase awareness of the third thing on that list. He is an amazingly strong man, but he hasn’t sacrificed any of his flexibility.

The 29-year-old Alabama native gained massive popularity after being featured in a Taco Bell commercial recently.

His feats of strength and flexibility are insane.

He started training in the martial art of taekwondo when he was 13, and at age 14, he started lifting weights at the local gym.

When he was 15, he decided that he wanted to get more flexible to help him excel in martial arts. His ultimate goal back then was to perform full splits.

He refers to his acrobatic stunts as “tricking,” and he practices multiple times a week.

His diet consists of 6 meals a day. They’re all high in protein and carbs, and low in fat. Rice, chicken breasts, steamed vegetables, potatoes, and onions are his favorites.

When he’s not amazing people with his awesome stunts, he works as a manager for a small biotechnology group. He also trains other people who want to get in shape.

You can check out his website Acrobolix if you want to learn more about these training methods.

(via Acrobolix)

Jon Call’s Instagram page is full of funny and amazing clips of him working out and tricking. If you want to adopt this lifestyle one day, Call should be your go-to guy.

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